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With many quality pest control options in the St. George, UT metro area, what makes Pest Off different than the rest of those companies?

First and foremost, we truly care about helping people. Regardless if they are a long-time customer or someone inquiring about our services for the first time, we will always work hard to ensure you are receiving a quality product, at a fantastic value, with friendly, personalized service.

When a service is performed at your home, you will be greeted by either Tim or Ian, who are both the owners and pest control operators for Pest Off. Rest assured that the vision and values of the company couldn’t be more important to Tim and Ian, and they strive to perform friendly, quality service while building long-lasting relationships with each and every customer.

Pest Off recognizes and appreciates the diverse makeup of Southern Utah. We offer the ability to converse with our customers in Spanish if needed and actively serve many customers whom speak Spanish as their first language. Se habla espanol.

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Integrity is the core value that drives everything that we do as pest control professionals at Pest Off. We are a family-owned and operated business, and make sure to treat all of our customers as members of the family. We view every household as if it were our own home when conducting our service. This means that we will only use the highest quality products.

There are often situations where we could use an inferior product while still getting “sufficient” results, but that is just not good enough. Although we offer guarantees on our services, we want to ensure that the job is done right the first time, preventing any need for re-service between regular treatments. With our products we also account for using low-risk products, as safety is our number one priority for your household, above everything else.

We at Pest Off have our own small children and pets, so we know first hand the concern many customers may have about safety during and after treatments. While our products are relatively safe, we also take every single precaution to ensure that there will be no exposure to you, your children and your pets. We will never use a product or technique in your home that we ourselves would not do in our own home around our own families.


No home is the same, and each and every household has different obstacles and goals when it comes to controlling pests. Every customer has an individualized action plan that can involve different products and techniques designed to specifically address the needs of that household. Some think that pest control is as simple as spraying a product, but there is much more that should go into the process. We keep detailed notes for every account making sure that there will be a consistent experience with every visit, and also so we can assess how our original plan is working and if it may need adjustments.

While each home will have an individualized plan for pest control, every household will receive the same level of service. Our general pest control always includes interior treatments at the discretion of the customer, as well as application of product at the foundation, roofline/eaves, yard/landscaping, and property lines. Every service also includes the sweeping of spider webs from the exterior of the home, removal of wasp nests, treatments of sheds, yard furniture, playground equipment, irrigation boxes etc.

Once again any of these can be excluded at the customer’s discretion, but are no extra charge. As alluded to previously, we offer guarantees on our services. When you have a recurring service set up (monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly options available) we will come and address any issues in between services. Better yet, we offer a 48 hour guarantee on call-backs, giving the customer peace of mind that the issue will be addressed in a timely manner. If a one-time treatment is performed (general pest control, roach cleanout, rodent cleanout) we offer a 30-day warranty which can be extended.

Finally, we know more than anything that you work hard for your money, and when it comes to anything in life, it is ideal to spend as little as possible while getting as much as possible. While we are aware of less expensive alternatives out there, we pride ourselves in knowing that the quality of our product and level of our service far exceeds our price-points. Because of our low-overhead we are able to offer a premium level service at a price that any household can afford. We currently perform general pest control, german cockroach extermination, as well as rodent bait stations and trapping. Sometimes an evaluation of the problem may be needed before quoting a price, if that is recommended we offer that estimate at no cost and no obligation to the customer. We at Pest Off look forward to serving you and are always happy to answer any questions or concerns. Call us today for a quote or to answer any questions.

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