Beetle Pest Control & Removal in Hurricane, UT

Did you know that Utah is home to nearly 100 different types of beetles? While they vary in sizes, shapes, and even environments, beetles can be a real pest if they invade your home or business.

Hurricane and the surrounding areas of Southern Utah have double trouble when it comes to beetles. While Utah has many common beetles like carpet and ground beetles, Southern Utah in particular hosts a variety of beetles that are drawn to the warmer climate. Several of the more exotic beetles you might see here include wasp-like long-horned beetles, Oregon fir sawyers, blister beetles, elder borer beetles, net-winged beetles, May beetles, and western tiger beetles.

While beetles are generally harmless to humans, they are known to still cause trouble for business- and homeowners alike. Beetles can leave bites that may cause allergic reactions, and they can also cause rashes. Despite their threat to you physically, their greatest threat is that they tend to follow other pests, meaning that you likely have other pest populations on your property.

Signs of A Beetle Infestation

The top sign of a beetle infestation is to see the beetles flying toward lights, crawling on your floors, or by discovering their dead shells. If you can’t see the beetles themselves, the second easiest way to spot a beetle infestation is by the damage they leave behind.

Carpet beetles are one of the most common types of beetle found indoors that can do a number on your interior. While they do live outdoors, they often come inside buildings to eat hair, skin cells, leather, and wool. They also prey on other dead insects. If you’re seeing carpet beetles flock to a certain spot, it could be a sign that you have other pest problems to deal with.

Carpet beetles specifically will leave bald spots wherever they eat. Check any areas that have wool, fur, or hair. Beetles are especially common in blankets, under rugs, or in pantries.

Pest Off Beetle Pest Control Solutions

Beetles may not be dangerous, but they’re still pests. When you need a beetle infestation taken care of, be it inside or out, call the experts at Pest Off Pest Control! We make sure that any beetles stay away from your home or business and don’t come back.

When you work with Pest Off Pest Control, your satisfaction is our goal. Our General Pest Control always comes with a 30-day guarantee for any one-time service. We also provide a 48-hour guarantee for all calls placed during regular business hours, so you know that we mean to get the job done the right way.

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