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Southern Utah German Cockroach Control


In the Southern Utah area, you need a service specifically designed for eradicating a household or commercial Southern Utah german cockroach infestation. If german cockroaches are found in a residence or business, this is our only service that will offer guarantees relating specifically to the german cockroach species. This exceeds the normal coverage of our Pest Control service and as such must be handled as its own service.

Service includes three treatments, no less than one week apart each. Each treatment will consist of different products and methodology designed specifically to eliminate Southern Utah german cockroaches.

Due to the habits of german cockroaches, pest control efforts will usually be focused on kitchen and bathroom areas. Before the first treatment can be completed all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and pantries must be emptied completely unless otherwise instructed.

Because of the life-cycle and habits of german cockroaches, activity while greatly reduced, can still be seen at the end of the third treatment. Please understand that while activity is still present, the products and methods are still at work.

30 day guarantee is offered on our Southern Utah German Cockroach Extermination. This guarantee starts upon completion of the third treatment. Pest Off will contact the customer 2-3 weeks afterwards to ensure there are no issues.

Guarantee against german cockroaches can be extended if the customer elects to have continuing monthly pest control services. As long as the services are maintained Pest Off will cover against German Cockroaches. Pest Off offers discounts towards their initial German Cockroach service if the customer elects to have recurring service upon completion.

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